Caleb Behn, Dene Activist, Attorney and Writer

, 20/01/15

Caleb is the focal point of a new documentary called Fractured Land by filmmakers Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis, which explores the ever-deteriorating symbiosis between humanity and the land that we are privileged to inhabit.

Hailing from the Dene homeland in Northeastern British Columbia, Caleb grew up adjacent to the oil and gas industry. He has witnessed from an early age the devastating effects that the industries have had on the environment and the unique and often difficult social climate that arises when cultures clash. With the advent of fracking, an unconventional method of extracting oil and gas, the toll on the land and its people has increased tenfold in the past decade. With degrees in both law and political science, Caleb has been at the forefront of the indigenous movement, representing his people in the centuries-long battle to protect their land and, in turn, the very core of their culture.