Frank Tester, School of Social Work, UBC

, 25/03/15

Frank Tester is Professor of Social Work at UBC. He previously taught in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto. He has a particular interest in social and environmental issues in relation to colonial histories. Frank has lived and worked extensively in the eastern Arctic. His current research interests include Inuit social history, the problem of young Inuit suicide and the social and personal implications of a severe housing shortage and overcrowding. His most recent contribution is research and a far-reaching report on the impacts of the Meadowbank Gold Mine on women and families in the community of Qammani’tuaq (Baker Lake), Nunavut. He is also working with Inuit youth and Elders in Naujaat and Gjoa Haven, helping them to discover, research, write about, and film their social history and culture. Frank has researched the history of Inuit residential schools, is a documentary film maker and has been a research advisor to the Qikiqtani Truth Commission.

Frank’s work in east Africa and has focused on projects dealing with indigenous land rights in Tanzania and the disarmament of the civilian population of Mozambique following years of internal conflict. He is interested in the work of non-governmental organizations, volunteers and the evaluation of their efforts. A commitment to social justice and the use of critical social theory inform his work. Frank teaches social theory, community practice and international social development studies in the School of Social Work, UBC. He is a former chair of the Youth Justice/Family Court Committee of the City of Vancouver and is a founding member of the Vancouver Association for Restorative Justice. He is a co-author of two books dealing with the social history of the eastern Arctic: [Tammarniit (Mistakes) UBC Press, 1994], the winner of two international book awards and [Kiumajut (Talking Back) UBC Press, 2007], as well as many papers, reports, book chapters dealing with this work in Nunavut and eastern Africa.

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