Patrick Ochieng, Kenyan Scholar-Activist

, 04/03/15

Patrick Ochieng is a Kenya-based Scholar-Activist who has studied land and agrarian studies from the University of Western Cape. Ochieng is the Founding Director of Ujamaa Center, a social justice non-governmental organization that has provided invaluable contributions in Kenya to building social movements concerned with steering the world to greater equity, social and environmental justice and broader peoples participation in public affairs. Ochieng has over 20 years experience in natural resource, land and extractives activism and has traveled widely in global campaigns for a just society.

"For the past 10 years Kenya has consistently promoted a policy in which the expansion of the extractive frontiers has taken centre stage. With the discovery of Coal, Oil and Gas, Titanium and precious metals territorial demands, livelihood concerns, environmental justice and cultural identity are under attack. Whether the atmosphere of risk and uncertainty facing communities involved (dispossession, loss of water and autonomy, loss of assets etc) is worth the expected returns remains a matter of conjecture for now but it needs to be said that so far these investments are driving society to more social conflicts, anxieties and grievances."