Craig Forcese

I have prepared a brief explainer video on the more concerning aspects of C-51.  If you have 15 minutes and don’t mind that I misspoke twice (and said C-59 rather than C-51), this may help viewers understand the broad contours of this complicated law.  (Or it may just be more confusing!)

Craig Forcese

Bill C-51 (Antiterrorism Act 2015): Short Primer on Key Aspects
Ian Miron, Staff Lawyer, Ecojustice
Kalamazoo Enbridge oil spill aftermath, now estimated at US$1.2 Billion to clean

At this very moment, Canada’s liability regime is woefully inadequate when it comes to making sure that polluters pay in the event of a pipeline rupture or oil spill. That means that Canadian taxpayers like you would shoulder an inappropriate degree of the risk in the event of a serious pipeline accident, like Enbridge’s Kalamazoo River spill in Michigan.

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