Craig Forcese

I have prepared a brief explainer video on the more concerning aspects of C-51.  If you have 15 minutes and don’t mind that I misspoke twice (and said C-59 rather than C-51), this may help viewers understand the broad contours of this complicated law.  (Or it may just be more confusing!)

Craig Forcese

Bill C-51 (Antiterrorism Act 2015): Short Primer on Key Aspects
Jennifer Moore

Mexico is the top destination for Canadian mining investment outside of Canada, with nearly 200 Canadian mining companies operating in Mexico. This includes Goldcorp's highly profitable "Los Filos" open-pit gold mine, located a short distance from Iguala, Guerrero. Other companies, such as Minaurum Gold, Torex Gold, and Newstrike Capital have interests in the immediate vicinity.

Lina Holquin

Communities relocated to make way for gold mines in Ghana struggle with loss of agricultural land, unemployment, and environmental damage. Joanna Manu is a farmer in Ghana. She was once arrested for trespassing -- in her own field -- while planting her crops. The police who arrested her sent by a mining company called Golden Star Resources. Farmers in the area, many of whom are women, often were told that the government had given their land to the company and there was nothing they could do -- as was Manu.

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