State of Extraction Toxic Tour

The State of Extraction
Toxic Tour of Canadian Mining Company Head Offices in Vancouver

On Saturday, March 28th, in the middle of the State of Extraction Conference, the streets of Vancouver were filled with activists on a Mining Justice Alliance organized "Toxic Tour" 'visiting' and protesting at the Canadian head offices of various mining and fossil fuel companies that do business internationally.

Vancouver claims to be on the path to becoming the “greenest city in the world.” It is also home to the world's largest conglomeration of Mining companies. Communities affected by Canadian extractive projects increasingly report conflict, environmental devastation, water toxicity and scarcity, violations of indigenous rights, and other human rights abuses including violent repression–even murder–of residents who speak out in opposition to extractive projects. But instead of regulating extractive practices, Canada's government actively assists extractive corporations with tax breaks, subsidies, lax stock market regulations, diplomatic support, and immunity from prosecution for abuses overseas.

Amazing footage of Angelica, Audrey, Luis, Freda, Kanahus, Kate, Miguel, Patrick, Richard, Sacheen, Stephen, Steve, Toghestiy and many others in the streets of Vancouver - challenging power!

Thank you to Kelly Patrick Moore who has put excellent work into this production!